Chocolate Mug Cake

mug-cakeHave you ever wanted a slice of cake?  Just one slice?  But you don’t have a cake.  And if you made a cake, you’d surely eat the whole entire cake.  And, well, that just wouldn’t be pretty.  And that means a mess in the kitchen to clean.  All you want is a simple piece of cake, is that too much to ask?

Well, my friends, not any more.

As a disclaimer, I made this without the intent of posting it, and changed my mind at the last minute, so please excuse the quality of the photograph.

Also, I’m not claiming that this is the best chocolate cake in the whole entire world.  It’s good, not OH-MY-GOSH; but the cool and convenient factor make it blog-worthy.  Also, I highly recommend adding Reddi-Whip.  I don’t know why I had some in my refrigerator – it must be very old, but I couldn’t find an expiration date on the bottle (so it’s good forever, right?) and I’m already on antibiotics anyway so I think I’m safe.  Hehehe.

mug cake (pin)

Chocolate Mug Cake

4 T flour
4 T sugar
2 T cocoa
1 large egg
3 T milk
3 T oil
3 T chocolate chips (optional)
splash vanilla extract

  • Combine dry ingredients in your favorite mug and mix well.
  • Add the egg and mix thoroughly, then add the milk and oil, again mixing well.
  • Toss in the chocolate chips (if you want them) and the vanilla extract.  Mix well.
  • Cook in the microwave on 1000 watts (note: this might not be “high”) for 3 minutes.  The cake will rise out of the mug, but that’s ok, it is supposed to.
  • Enjoy.

This is enough to feed two.  Or one, if you’re having that kind of day.

serves: 2
calories: 500

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2 Responses to Chocolate Mug Cake

  1. Jana says:

    Oh, this looks awesome. Yum. Perfect solutions for my chocolate cravings which I have to satisfy all by my self in the closet with the closed door. Definitely trying one.

  2. Heather says:

    Yum, I’ll be trying this one. This is a much better alternative than binging on a whole cake!

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