About Me

Welcome to Sweet Jumbles – my blog mostly, but not entirely, coming out of my kitchen.  I decided to do a blog after following several other cooking and baking blogs while simultaneously making a big, beautiful mess in my own kitchen and being asked for recipes.

Why Sweet Jumbles?  Well, Jumbles was taken.  🙂  Jumbles are a kind of cookie which you can incorporate pretty much any “add-in” in that you have sitting around – peanuts?  check.  chocolate chips?  check.  dried cranberries?  check.  My blog will be primarily about baking, because that’s what I like to do the most in the kitchen.  But, like Jumbles, I may throw in anything else I think is good to share, from cooking to whatever strikes me at a given time.  But, primarily, this blog is a place to share recipes for baking – for Sweet Jumbles.

And who am I to think I can tell you how to bake?  Nobody, really, if that’s your criteria.  I just like to bake and have been told I’m pretty good at it.  Aside from that, I’m a thirty-something urbanite, with a smaller-than-average kitchen.  I live with my cat and am involved in a whimsical and passionate courtship with the unbeatable City of New York.  Aside from my baking hobby, I am a City Planner by profession and gritty-city lover through-and-through, passionate world traveler, latin dancer, nature enthusiast, and Pittsburgh Steelers booster.  While this blog isn’t intended for any of these topics, I’m sure they will creep in and make themselves known, as they are part of my life and part of my heart.

UPDATE: In 2013 Sweet Jumbles was legally formed into a business.  The investment into business permits, health licenses, and a commercial kitchen were made and you can find our specialty marshmallows online or in a store near you if you’re a local!  You can visit the Sweet Jumbles store by clicking “marshmallows” above.

For now, then, happy baking!

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2 Responses to About Me

  1. matisse says:

    i just started a blog also…as a project for my summer vacation…my older sister tends to do the baking, but my mom is happy that i like to do actual cooking. but maybe i’ll deviate and use some of your recipes to try my hand at baking. my blog is early in formation, i guess i’m procrastinating somewhat. maybe that should be my other blog! anyways, any advice for a thirteen-and-a -half year old cooking novice is welcome! hot here in rural alberta, canada…an icebox pie looks like just the thing! as long as the power doesn’t go out here, too (lightning storms are in season, after all)

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