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Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Soufflé


This past weekend I passed by (aka: went in) a Jacques Torres Chocolate store as I was running errands around town.  While lounging around the store eating a naughty ice cream sandwich, I thumbed through his A Year in Chocolate book of recipes.  Ooooh, Chocolate Soufflé.  That would be a new attempt…. 

So last night I decided to give it a try.  As I occasionally do when I have more than one recipe for the same thing, I bake both and have a taste test so that one can be reused in the future and the other will get a big giant “X” in the cookbook so I know never to bother with it again.  Well, I should have known better.  Recipe #2 was from a cookbook for a chocolate company which I have wholeheartedly spoken out against.  In fact, they were in the news again this week (it’s Fair Trade Month!).  I maintain my position, but figured “hmmmm, I could use their recipe so long as I don’t use their product”.

Wrong!  I thought I followed the recipe rather well, but it was a bust.  In fact, had I been thinking I should have taken a picture of the end product (not only did it not rise, I think it shrank in the oven…) and added it to a FAIL Blog.  Needless to say, the recipe which I am not posting here now has a big black “X” in the cookbook and has been officially banished along with the brand.  The Jacques Torres recipe was, fortunately, much more successful and yummy. 

Disclaimer #1: I must admit (and the pictures below don’t lie) that the soufflé sank pretty quickly after I removed it from the oven.  I don’t know if I jostled it too much or what.  However, apparently just a small adjustment (according to this website maybe I should have cooked it a bit longer or at a higher temperature) will do the trick.  In other words, if you’re looking to experiment with making a soufflé, this is a great option.   Mine wasn’t perfect but it was well on the way.

Disclaimer #2: This is really chocolate-y.  When someone asks me if I like chocolate I shrug my shoulders and say “yeah”.  That’s actually not enough love.  For this soufflé you need to tingle and say “oooooh yeah” when someone asks you that question.  Though I enjoyed it, it was too much chocolate for me but would be perfect for a choc-o-holic. 

The recipe below serves 4-6.  I halved the recipe and instead of a 1 1/2 quart casserole/soufflé dish I used a 500 ml ramekin.  All ingredients were halved, I did not adjust time or temp.  

 Chocolate Soufflé
by Jacques Torres

1 T softened butter
3/4 c sugar
8 large eggs white, room temperature (approx. 1 c)
3 1/2 oz bittersweet chocolate, melted (I used Green & Black’s 72%)
2 T confectioners sugar (optional)
whipped cream (optional)